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    Ethical family counsel for divorce, custody and adoption.

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Family Law

Divorce & Child Custody

There is nothing more important in life than family and children, and few things are more emotionally and financially stressful as divorce and child custody proceedings. Divorce proceedings also often involve separating and dividing a couple’s property and debt. Nate Peterson is mindful of the challenges his clients face beyond legal proceedings, and he is committed to helping his clients navigate through what is often the most challenging time in their life.


Nate also takes pride in helping clients secure adoptions and few things are more rewarding to him than seeing a child placed with loving parents. If you are stressed and have questions or need legal representation, feel free to call Nate to schedule a free consultation with him.

Your Rights

Any person detained and interrogated must be made aware of their rights. These include the right to remain silent and the right to consult with an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning.